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DSA-1571-1 openssl -- predictable random number generator

Date Reported:
13 May 2008
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2008-0166.

64bit linux desktop is not ready for use yet - Ubuntu 7.04 installation on HP Compaq 6515b notebook

After installed the Ubuntu 7.04 with 2.6.20-15-generic x86_64 kernel on my HP Compaq 6515b notebook,

(refer to my blog :

Ubuntu 7.04 installation on HP Compaq 6515b notebook installation- AMD Turion(tm) 64 MK-38

Ubuntu 7.04 installation on HP Compaq 6515b notebook installation- AMD Turion(tm) 64 MK-38


Thanks for Voide referecne link. I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on HP Compaq 6515b notebook .

Below are the  How to and outstanding problem to share with you :

Debian upgrade

I upgraded a -stable box to -testing. Mostly went well, but in one or two cases ... well, not so well.

Random starting of daemons: Yes, this has been the case in Debian for a long time, however, it gets worse when a dependency pulls in a new daemon and restarts *that*, and suddenly you are left with a nice, blank page. Actually, it didn't do that, but gave you a directory listing of what it *thinks* is the root www directory. You're left wondering, why? (the culprit, by the way, is Apache2)

Stuff that does not work out of the box: I could not get Exim4 and mailman to play nicely. First: Exim4 does not handle pipe transport out of the box, so none of the aliases stuck into /etc/aliases for mailman actually work until you uncomment it out. Mailman does not play nicely because Exim starts with Debian-exim group, and mailman will whine because that's not what the default gid is configured to at compile-time. The README files does contain some information on how to make it work .... but it was more like "Oh, just enable some random crap in your configuration file to make it work" ... hmm, nice work, considering the popularity of mailman as a mailing list software and exim as a MTA.


材料: 罐頭鮑魚1個、雞胸肉適量、白米1杯、蔥1棵
調味料﹕ 鹽1小匙、白胡椒粉1/4小匙、生粉1小匙
做法: 鮑魚切片,蔥洗淨,切成蔥花。


材料: 小黃瓜4條、磨菇、瘦肉各少許、鹽適量
做法: 小黃瓜、磨菇洗淨切片。

Preventing DDoS attacks

Article from Linux Gazette to say how to prevent DDoS attacks.

真人真事:CentOS apache test page 差點驚動 FBI (news by CentOS)

某鎮政府去信centos, 說他們的website給centos的人hack了.
而政府發言人所看到的, 是centos3 apache的test page.
並威脅CentOS開發人員若在12小時內不修理好, 就找FBI.


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