I'm back

Yes, I'm back but now in Zhuhai again. I had arrived HK around 4:30am on 5th July (I saw Greece holding the cup when I back home) and online around 6:00am. But I'm busy to setup my photo gallery and haven't wrote anything til now. So, I haven't mention that where I have gone. I take some AL and goto Silk Road for vacation. From 26th June to 4th July, "9" days trip. And I haven't online for more then 9x24 hours - my new record.

Indeed, I decided I should have a vacation this summer long time ago but never confirm the date and location. One of my choice is London. Coz I would like to watch Les Miserable again. A Musical trip which is attractive enough to make me throw out everything and take a real rest. But Raymond and Danny, my friends in PolyU Drama Society, ask me if I would like to goto Silk Road with them in mid-June. Then I decide postpone my Musical trip to next year.

I will have a vacation tomorrow

I will have a vacation start from tomorrow and won't be Hong Kong til 5th July.

back to HK RSN ..

Various stuff.

I'll be back to HK real soon now for approximately 4 weeks. I'll arrive on the 26th evening this month.

Stuff that should probably get done include getting my keys signed ...

Sleep has been very patchy recently.

The HP Visualize box which I ordered came on Wednesday but I was asleep during the morning when it got delivered, then subsequently on Thursday I asked for it to be delivered on Friday, and they never came. And today's saturday and it's still not here.

The SGI O2 is still off. I should really do something about this.

Exams start on Tuesday, I have one in the on Tuesday morning then morning + afternoon on Thursday and then morning on Friday. Then I'll be back to HK the next day. Yay. Smiling

My home IPMasq box

Finally, I have reinstall my home ipmasq box to debian Sarge. (It is a Mandrake previously, while once a upon of time I want to try Mandrake 7.x for teaching and haven't time to upgrade it for years) Alas that it is a pretty old box (AMD K6, bought in 1999) and I haven't touch it physically for long time, the CD-ROM drive is dirty and fail to boot any Debian Installer within my finger except the BBC Linux 2.1. Therefore, I decided to install the sarge via debootstrap. It is interest and great. May be I would write some article about it later. Beside, I found galternatives enter Sid yesterday, it's also the time for me to write something about update-alternatives.

pgp key

Well I finally (after how many years?) managed to move my lazy self to fix up my pgp key. I'm just going to use the one I made in 2001 ... it's not been used before, it's not been uploaded to the keyserver and I'm just going to save myself the trouble of generating a new key, which was the original plan.

The old email that was stamped onto the key was not valid and I had to change it, that's all.

I found that gpa (the GUI frontend to gpg) does not seem to have an option to let you add a uid. What?! So I had to go to the command line to do it. That seems pretty pathetic ... considering that one would imagine that you should be able to do proper key management in gpa. I found that it only lets you change the expiration and password.

走向共和 及 帝國的回憶

早幾天因為五一假期 (我現在跟國內假期) ,一口氣把《走向共和》的 DVD 看完。整體感覺很好,拍得很有心機,王冰和孫淳分別把李鴻章和袁世凱演得活靈活現。當然這套劇也引起了我對清末民初時期歷史興趣,也在網上搜索了不少有關網站,比對過劇情和史實的差異。有不少批評指劇情和《康熙帝國》、《雍正皇朝》等一樣對史實有不少硬傷,但個人覺得做到現時的程度已經難得。要論忠於史實,我倒認為只有笨蛋才會以為一套劇集或一兩本書上說的全是真。

sanity -= infinity;

way too busy, why do EVERYONE shove everything to you at the middle of the session?
does wonders for one's sanity. sigh, all non-urgent communication has been put on hold (until I get the time)

went to cebit australia, nothing really interesting or exciting.

HDD crash!!! sigh.....

It seems that luck never near to me after enter 2004. My notebook HDD just damage last sat and I lost all my data. I'm so lazy and only got a backup of 5 month ago on my old notebook. (X21) I bought a 30GB Fujitsu HDD (I won't rely on more then 40GB notebook HDD anymore) and rebuilt the whole Debian. For those who always ask me how to make Debian support chinese, you will got the documentation soon coz I finally need to do it again.

Internet trouble

不知道何解, 呢幾天 internet connection 奇差, 還未出 ISP 都已經 > 1000 ms ..

--- xxxxxxxxxxx ping statistics ---
33 packets transmitted, 9 received, 72% packet loss, time 32012ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 12.654/17.508/26.427/4.616 ms
glee@anakin ~ $

同香港未試過死 internet 真係好大分別 ..

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