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[分享] 以下是小弟家的 UBUNTU 字體環境設置,請多多指教

/etc/environment =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [code] serif

[知識] Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) 安裝手冊

Step-by-step教你安裝Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)

FontConfig 2.4+

Debian sid 最近把 FontConfig upgrade 到 2.4.x
很多人會發現不能 update font cache
而且 load Desktop Environment 很慢

因為由 2.4.0 起 font cache system 改了
大家只要改一下 /etc/fonts/fonts.conf 就可以 fix 了



然後 run:
# fc-cache -f


我的系统是debian-3.1,mail服务器是exim4,pop3 server是dovecot-pop.

Blocking Skype with IPtables

I really hate to post this , but some of you guys will probably need it one day.

Block the hard coded nodes IPs for Skype : (this must be done on the gateway or the firewall)

I used iptables to block them from my linux gateway:

iptables -A FORWARD -p udp -i eth1 -d -j DROP
iptables -A FORWARD -p udp -i eth1 -d -j DROP

that was to UDP packets , repeat the same for TCP :

Can't install postfix

唔知點解一裝就出呢句, 用apt-get -f install postfix 都解決唔到.

# apt-get install postfix
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
exim4-config: Conflicts: postfix but 2.2.10-2 is to be installed
exim4-daemon-light: Conflicts: mail-transport-agent
linux-image-2.6.12-1-386: Depends: initrd-tools (>= 0.1.78) but it is not going to be installed
postfix: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6) but 2.3.5-6 is to be installed
Depends: libsasl2 (>= 2.1.19.dfsg1) but 2.1.19-1.7 is to be installed


Hello eveyone!Apt-get install samba 安装的过程出现以下提示:
TDBSAM version too old (0), trying to convert it.
TDBSAM converted successfully.
account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 1 (min password length), returning 0
account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 2 (password history), returning 0
account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 3 (user must logon to change password), returning 0
account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 4 (maximum password age), returning 0
account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 5 (minimum password age), returning 0



[問]xserver-xorg 7.0 中文 encoding

最近升級至 xorg 7.0 , 不能顯示所有傳統中文字體 (fontconfig 以外)
是 freetype 認不到 arphic fonts 的 big5-0 encoding

Openssh 4.x hash known hosts key 管理

用OpenSSH的人都知ssh會把你每個你訪問過電腦的公鑰(public key)都記錄在~/.ssh/known_hosts。當下次訪問相同電腦時,OpenSSH會核對公鑰。如果公鑰不同,OpenSSH會發出警告,避免你受到DNS Hijack之類的攻擊。

Hash Known Hosts功能,在known_hosts中把訪問過的電腦名稱或IP地址以hash方式存放,令入侵都不能直接知道你到訪過那些電腦。這項新項功能預設是關閉的,要你手動地在ssh_config加上"HashKnownHosts yes"才會被開啟。不過Debian Testing就預設開啟了個功能。

HP1410 on CUPS

I've a newly installed printer HP1410 (all-in one scanner, copier and printer). I tried to installed it on linux and hopefully can share it with CUPS + SAMBA, but it doesn't work as expected.

My linux machine has a HP2200 laser printer installed and working without problem. I just follow the same instruction to install HP1410. It looked good during the install progress. I can see status on CUPS which is idle and accepting jobs., however, I can't print anything with it even the test page.

anyone have similar experience?
is there any package I should install for the HP1410 on linux?

/****** message from CUPS ******/

"apt-get install" error, no public key

Hi all,

I got a problem while I was trying to update the package database.

When I ran the command apt-get update, I got something like error the public key is not available. the suggestion from the system was running a command "apt-get -f install". I found that there is no difference after performing the suggested command.

Can anyone help on this?
Below is the output message from my system.

dfserver:~# apt-get update
下載:1 ftp://ftp.hk.debian.org testing Release.gpg [189B]
下載:2 http://security.debian.org testing/updates Release.gpg [189B]
已有 ftp://ftp.hk.debian.org testing Release

[問]How to load GNOME in command-line interface

Hello. I am new to Debian 3.1. I tried Ubuntu Linux, I found that Debian-based Linux is a nice OS, so I installed Debian on my computer.

I installed Debian by "Network version", so I need to install everything I need via FTP. I typed:

apt-get install gnome

to install GNOME desktop environment.
The installation was success, but, I don't know what should be done to load GNOME.
I tried:


but this command seems not to exist. Sticking out tongue
What should be typed so that I can load GNOME? And load it by default?

Oh, I want to install Xfce, what should be typed?

apt-get install ?????

問 :Gaim 用倉頡輸入法輸入中文時,立即會關閉Gaim

我現在用的是 Testing版本
以SCIM 輸入中文,在兩台電腦上試過都是一樣
在Google search 了,但沒有相關result

我在Stable 版本時,是沒有問題的

[問] How to install mingLiu.ttc

Dear All,

I'm a novice at Debian and I would like to know how we can install the mingLiu.ttu font onto Debian(Sarge v.3.01r). I've installed Perl by running "#apt-get install libft-perl".

However, when I tried to run "#defoma-hints truetype mingliu.ttc > ttf-mingliu.hints", I got error message "Segmentation fault".

Could somebody give me a hand?

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,