Our mission is "Unite all Debian users in Hong Kong, dominate the Greater China Linux market, conquer all servers in the world!"

[問] 繁體中文drupal的架站方法?


[問] 安裝 Debian 後 Secure 的步驟

想問一問,大家在正常安裝完一部沒有 Firewall 保護的 Server 後,會如何做去安全化你的 Debian Box 呢?

假設該 Server 有以下的服務 :


請多多指教 Smiling


Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Debian 套件

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 的 Debian 套件終於在 sid 出現,離 Firefox 正式推出差了十六日 (backports.org 比 sid 還要快) 。 0.8 好像 clean 點快一點,但我還未安好 extension, 所以不能作準。

這個包把 Firefox 的 profile 目錄由 ~/.phoenix 改成 ~/.firefox ,所以以前用 0.7 的朋友會發改舊的 profile 如 版面, theme, bookmark 等都沒有移植過來。 聽說這個版本 upgrade 沒有那麼 smooth,
所有關 maintainer 索性改了位置。Firefox 官方也叫人最好另建一個新 profile 及重安所有 extensions。另外
mozilla-tabextensions, 等一大堆 extensions 及 flash/acrobat reader 等 plugins
的 debian 套件還未升級配合 firefox 的新位置,這幾點大家要留意。

GTK+ 開啟檔案對話方塊

Subversion 1.0

Subversion 經過多年開發,終於推出 1.0 版本!由於 CVS 的不少缺點,CVS 的主要作者(包括 CVS 用家必買"聖經" Open Source Development with CVS 的作者 Karl Fogel)在他們現職的公司的資助下開發了 subversion。Subversion 的新功能包括 atomic commit, directory versioning, file renaming 等等。除了使用 svnserver 作為服務器(可如 CVS 般使用 SSH 作認證),亦能配合 Apache httpd 2.0 使用以達到更 fine-grained 的 access control。

Mozilla Firefox 0.8

Mozilla 下一代的瀏覽器 Firebird 推出新版本,並同時因為與另一個開源项目使用了相同名字的緣故,决定一再改名,把名字改為 Firefox。他們還寫了個 FAQ 解析改名原因,以後又要改口了......

Debian HK 0th Gathering

01/01/1970 - 08:00

Yay, we are going to organize our first gathering! The purpose of this gathering is:

  • introduction of Debian HK
  • introduction of Debian HK website, how drupal works, and what it can do
  • Key Signing!
  • potential future activities, a brainstorming session

There are already several people who will join. If you're interested to come, just reply to this message.

Happy 2004!

Wish everyone a happy new year.

Default theme of Debian HK

I have install 3 more theme, Interfaced, polder and trip. including those installed by YP, which one you prefer for the base to develope our default theme. And what kind of image you would like that Debian HK give others.

What was the first Debian you start using?

Woody (3.0)
42% (28 票)
Potato (2.2)
21% (14 票)
Slink (2.1)
0% (0 票)
Hamm (2.0)
6% (4 票)
Buzz, Rex or Bo!
4% (3 票)
The good old 0.x days
0% (0 票)
I only use testing+sid!
10% (7 票)
Real men only use Experimental!
4% (3 票)
I use other Debian-derived Distros
4% (3 票)
I don't use Debian or any dervied distros
3% (2 票)
I don't use GNU/Linux
1% (1 票)
What's Computer!?
3% (2 票)

Debian Hong Kong mirror site

For those who wonder where the Debian mirror site has gone, you can still find it at http://www.hk.debian.org.
The official Hong Kong FTP mirror can still be accessed either at ftp://ftp.hk.debian.org (the preferred way) or at ftp://ftp.debian.org.hk.