expose on standard X11!

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I found a really cool program today that has expose (found on Mac OS X) on a standard X11 distribution.

It's called skippy. You need a Gnome / NetWM compliant window manager, but it's still better than expocity since it's less WM dependent.

I've put debs up here:


Very cool.

I really cannot say how much I miss the expose feature when I'm not working on OS X.

Currently during first "expose-like" invocation it's slow because according to the author an X11 window snapshot can only be taken after you take focus: this would not be a problem once Debian switches over to Xorg.





I found your site when googling for my skippy problem....i compiled wmaker with gnome supp but i still cant get skippy to work....I've tried changing the keysym to a number of buttons but to no awail..

If you cant point something out that im missing....i'd be thankful Eye-wink