4th Cafe Meetup

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01/01/1970 - 08:00

Foka and Geoffrey is in Hong Kong now and let have a meetup. Thanks SWP to lend a room to us. We may have Internet access, feel free to bring your notebook computer. We set the main topic of this Cafe Meetp as "Chinese of Debian" and intend to talk about the chinese issue of Debian during the meetup. But you can also talk about other stuffs as you like when you join us.




Can we have a better place to sit down and talk ?

Voidoo :

Can we have a better place to sit down and talk ?

Last two time in StarBug and Cafe Pacific is not a good place for more than 6 people to gathering and talk.

K. M. Lau

anyway suggestion?

anyway suggestion?

The objective

Well , What will be the objective of this 4th Cafe Meetup ?

How many people will you expect to join ?

From my observation, it may be more than 6 and up to 12 from the last 2 events.

If for free talk and meet some new friends,

than the place should be able to get tables to sit down for 6 to 12 people.

The place should be closed to MTR for easy travel.

One place may do this, some big MacDonald which is not a busy area during holiday.

Besides, I hope can meet some friends who are interest on hacking pocket pc in Embed Linux (Xscale series).

Any one who is interest on this topic are welcome.

K. M. Lau

We may use etech center

We may use SWP office in e-tech office if we change the date to 23rd (Sunday). We may use some computer and able to access internet in SWP. But many people need to be family day in sunday Sticking out tongue. Anthony Fok will back and Geoffrey Lee is in HK now. I haven't got any idea on topics now. Suggestion is well come.

Or some Karaoke, you know whe

Or some Karaoke, you know where you have a room and safa. Not too expensive but the lighting normally are not good.

We decided to borrow a room f

We decided to borrow a room from SWP finally. Wish to see you all on saturday. Smiling
Mail us (info(at)debian.org.hk) and left you contact if you don't know how to go there.